Anniversary Cruise VI Directory

Summer Cruise to Gardner Canal

June 26 September 8, 2009


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Leg 1 Log

Vancouver, B.C. to Cape Caution


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Anniversary Cruise VI Underway

Sunning in Desolation

Sea Foam Report



Secret Cove, Hotham Sound, Muskett Island Marine Park (Sunshine Coast), Otter Island-Desolation Sound, Thurston Bay Marine Park, Forward Harbour, Dead Point Cove, Port McNeil, Clam Cove-Nigei Island





Leg 2 Log

Cape Caution to Hartley Bay


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Home Port to Hakai Pass (15 MB) (PC only)

Deep Blue Sea

Higgins Pass




Fly Basin-Smith Inlet, Adams Harbour-Hakai Pass, Codville Lagoon, Ada Cove, Shearwater, Wigham Cove, Oliver Cove, Higgins Passage, Emily Carr Cove -Emily Carr Inlet, Kiln Bay Chapple Inlet, Bernard Harbour, Hartley Bay




Leg 3 Log

Hartley Bay to Shearwater


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Hot Springs and Waterfalls



Weewanie Hot Springs, Gardener Canal - Shearwater Hot Springs (Europa Bay), Triumph Bay, Chief Mathews Bay, Owyacumish Bay. Kitsawa, Bishop Bay Hotsprings, Butedale, Bottleneck Inlet, Klemtu (water), Rescue Bay, Gunboat Pass Lagoon, Shearwater


Leg 4 Log

Shearwater to Nigei Island


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Sea Foam Heading South



Ocean Falls, Jenny Inlet, Eucott Hotsprings, Codville Lagoon, Millbrook Cove, Smith Inlet, Browning Passage (Clam Cove), Nigei Island


Leg 5 Log

Nigei Island to Gowland Harbour


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Sea Lions Fighting Video

Sea Lions Slide Show



Port McNeil, Plumper Islands, Forward Harbour, Cordero Islands, Gowland Harbour


Leg 6 Log

Gowland Harbour to Home Port Mission


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Coming Home




Boho Bay, Deep Bay, Anderson Bay